PDC World Championships: Round 2



Dekker 0 (0) - 1 (0) Van den Bergh: Van den Bergh easing his way through the gears here. 140 required, tees himself up 52. Dekker needs 125 to do anything. Can't hit it as he goes bull, outer, bull. Which was a touch silly. Dimitri then to take the first set from 54. It's Double 16. It's in. Tic, Tac, Toe, and it's an easy start for the World Youth Champion.

Dekker 0 (1) - 1 (0) Van den Bergh: Second set is ago-go. Dekker has the darts in this one. See if that can stop him getting smeared all over the place by Van den Bergh. Seems to be working in the first leg. Van den Bergh can't check out 170, and so Dekker needs to find only 72. Which he can through Double 6. On the board.

Dekker 0 (1) - 1 (1) Van den Bergh: 130 for Dimitri Van den Bergh. Not happening, and so Dekker has tops for the break. Or Double 10. Maybe Double 5. No. Ouch. Van den Bergh is on 65. Wanged the darts all around the board first two, but left a dart at tops and nailed it to hold his throw. Just.

Dekker 0 (2) - 1 (1) Van den Bergh: 6 darts from 170 for Dekker turns into 6 darts from 74 probably. That's how far back Van den Bergh is. Misses the tops, but still has three at Double 10. Misses. Splits the Double 5, and eventually hits Double 4. Like pulling teeth that, but it's in eventually, and that's all that matters. Dekker a leg away from levelling up.

Dekker 1 (0) - 1 (0) Van den Bergh: Dekker needs 67 for the second set. He's gone the D16 route. BINGO. A really good second set for the Dutchman, and we are all level at the Palace of Ally.

Tasty game this one. Perhaps not as high octane as Vincent Van der Voort, but there is a place for this too. Van den Bergh getting his tungsten in the board first in this 3rd set. Dekker 1 - 1 Van den Bergh

Dekker 1 (1) - 1 (0) Van den Bergh: Van den Bergh was first on the board, Dekker is first to the double. Splits 38. First dart at D16 is right in the diddly middly, and he leads for the first time in this match.

Dekker 1 (1) - 1 (1) Van den Bergh: Ooft. Dekker with a good dash at 118 there to checkout. He can't and Van den Bergh goes from 108. Nails the treble 20. Nails the single 16. Nails the double. This sport can look annoyingly easy at times. Immediate break back from Dimitri.

Dekker 1 (1) - 1 (2) Van den Bergh: Should be an easy leg from Van den Bergh. Double 18 he has a shot at. Nails it at the second time of asking, and wins back to back legs to take the lead in this set. The pendulum swings again.

Dekker 1 (0) - 2 (0) Van den Bergh: Van Den Bergh has 3 darts at 126, but Dekker has left himself on 16, so this has to go. 126. Treble 19. Treble 19. DOUBLE 6. JESUS. GENIUS. Have a bit of that Jan. Should have been a final leg decider. As it is, Dimitri has waltzed off with the set, and left Jan with his pants down.