PDC World Championships: Round 2



Dekker 2 (0) - 3 (2) Van den Bergh: A brilliant 165 from Van den Bergh as he goes T19, T19, T17. All perfect. And they perfectly set up tops. The first two darts are miles away, the third one is way inside. Dekker can't hit 135, and so Van den Bergh is back on the doubles. Nails his first dart at D10, and he's a leg away.

Brilliant stuff from Dimitri Van den Bergh here. Hits a great 180 to get himself in position. He'll need 28 to win this match. That's Double 14. Missed it. Then it's Double 7. Right in the middle. Dimitri has survived a scare. That Dancing Belgium is through. Dimitri Van den Bergh beats Jan Dekker 4-2

So Van den Bergh will take on the winner of a tasty match in Round 3. It'll be either Robert Thornton or Mensur Suljovic who will face him, those two hit the oche tonight.

And that's your lot this afternoon. Van den Bergh beat Dekker 4-2. Vincent Van der Voort blasted past Steve Beaton 4-0. In the first game, Gerwyn Price beat Ian Wright 4-1. I've been @aidanleape, thanks for joining me this afternoon. From me, for now. BYE.