New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills



Hope you're all not going too crazy this Christmas Eve. In fact, forget the presents and preparation for a bit and settle down for some football. We're focusing on Gillette Stadium as the Pats bid for the number 1 seed in the AFC. They host the Bills

Inactives: New England: Hogan, van Noy, Branch, White, Burkhead, Croston, Reilly Buffalo: Borders, Gaines, Holmes, McDermott, Miller, Reilly, Thomas

Going for a comfortable Pats win here, Burkhead probably the biggest miss today, a win for Buffalo though will be huge for their playoff hopes

Here is the state of play then: The New England Patriots can clinch a first-round bye with a win AND a loss by EITHER the Pittsburgh Steelers OR the Jacksonville Jaguars; home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with a win AND losses by the Pittsburgh Steelers AND the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Buffalo are 8-6, only the Titans' current PCT in conference games keeping the Bills out of sixth place in the AFC

We're nearly ready for kickoff...stand by your beds

Bills kick us off after deferring, Lewis stopped at the Pats' 23

Handed off to Lewis who picks up about two or three for the first play of the drive

2nd and 8, it'll be another run play, just a gain of 1 as the Bills get the men to Lewis.

In fact, no gain at all, 3rd and 8, pass play this time but the pass for Hollister was in front. Three and out, Allen will punt it to Tait, who signals a fair catch at the 30.