New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills



2nd and 7 on the 8 to start Q2 then, handed off to Hollister with the TE sweep, gains five

3rd and 2, central pass, but goes over Gronk's head! Buffalo escape with probably three points

21 yards for Gostkowski, it's good. 3-3!

14:14 in the 2nd, kneeled in the endzone by Tait for the touchback

1st and 10 then - Taylor with a massive pass, Thompson makes the catch well open and makes a huge gain, on the New England 29!

Another first down, and McCoy will run it down to the eight...

2nd and 5, small gain there as they run again. 3rd and 2 to come but Thompson is injured

Thompson looks willing and eager to get back into it. 3rd and 2, low pass toward the edge of the endzone...incomplete

Buffalo going for it on 4th! Taylor's in trouble, pushed back, to the right, he has to get rid before he gies out of bounds...brilliant from the Pats, 3-3 (11:21)

NE start on their 12, Gillislee picks up three yards.