PDC World Darts Championships



Afternoon all. @aidanleape here to bring you the first two quarter finals from the DARTS DARTS DARTS. And this afternoon session sees the outsiders. Non of these four have a senior World Title under their belt, but they are now just three wins away. Jamie Lewis takes on Darren Webster whilst Rob Cross takes on Dimitri van den Bergh as we hit the best of nine sets format.

Right then. It's time for some actual Darts then after all this unnecessary TV build up time. Gorgeous. It's going to be Jamie Lewis and Darren Webster first onto that stage in just a moment. Lewis has got here by beating Jonny Clayton in Round 1, before sinking Peter Wright and James Richardson (not that one) 4-1 in Rounds 2 and 3.

As for Darren Webster, he's arrived at this stage having snuck past Devon Petersen to get his tournament going. He then knocked out Simon Whitlock in Round 2, before convincingly beating Toni Alcinas in Round 3. Lewis has the better average through the tournament. He's throwing at around 99, Webster is down at 90, the lowest average of any of the Quarter Finalists.

Right. First to 5 sets then, for the right to play either Phil Taylor or Gary Anderson in the semi-finals. Jamie Lewis has the darts to open this one. GAME ON.

J Lewis 0 (1) - 0 (0) D Webster Great start from Lewis with the maximum. He'll be comfortably first at the double. 84 to go for he whilst Webster is stranded back on 181. The 84 is set up for Double 16. Straight in, and Lewis is off and away.

J Lewis 0 (2) - 0 (0) D Webster Very strange atmosphere in the Ally Pally. I fancy there haven't been enough beers pulled through the pipes. A hushed silence throughout that first leg. I'm sure they'll get cracking in a minute Talking of needing a start, Webster can't get going here. Lewis misses double tops on Shanghai, but Webster can't punish himself. D10 in for Lewis, and the early break

J Lewis 0 (2) - 0 (1) D Webster A great start this from Lewis. He's hit his second 180 of the match, but Webster has stuck with him in this leg. 121 for the break back. BULLSEYE. Just wide. Lewis needs 124 for the set. Not happening. Webster to break back then with Double 4. Bingo. We're back on throw.

J Lewis 1 (0) - 0 (0) D Webster Just what Webster didn't need. The most horrible of bounce outs sees 60 points clatter onto the floor. Lewis is punishing with a third 180, and he has at least 6 darts from 84. Decides to set up, which is highly sensible. It's Double 16 for the set. Right in the middle. The middlest of the middle. Jamie Lewis has the first set. Easy peasy.

J Lewis 1 (0) - 0 (0) D Webster Second set away and racing. Webster with the darts. He starts with a treble 1. Not ideal.

J Lewis 1 (1) - 0 (0) D Webster Darren Webster can't hit from 137, and Lewis had set himself for Double 16 again. No mistakes again, and it's the early break. Lewis currently averaging north of 100. Webster averaging south of 85. Could be over quickly this.