PDC World Darts Championships



J Lewis 3 (2) - 0 (1) D Webster After breaking the throw, what Webster didn't really want to do was throw 43. But that's what he did. I think we'd call that not optimal. And Lewis will have the break chance again after hitting 3 back to back 140s in the leg. 81 for the 11 darter. Doesn't happen, but again he has the time to set for 32. Lewis at D16. Highly predictable. In we go.

J Lewis 4 (0) - 0 (0) D Webster So Lewis throwing for Set 4 then, and starts with a 180. No rest then from him. You make him the favourite for Set 4 now, especially with Webster floundering around hitting 41s. 9 darts from 128 for Lewis for Set 4 then. Again looking to set it up nicely. And does. 88 gives him tops. Which he thuds first dart. IT'S FOUR NIL. Darts. Bloody hell.

To think this was meant to be the closer of the two quarter finals this afternoon as well... Jamie Lewis has been sensational though, and is fully deserving of this 4-0 lead at the moment. I tell you what, on this form, he could be beating just about anybody in the world 4-0 right now you fancy.

J Lewis 4 (0) - 0 (1) D Webster Bad news if you're Darren Webster. Lewis has the darts in Set 5. Good look breaking this. Especially as he hits his 10th 180. TEN. TEN. MAYBE ELEVEN. BACK TO BACK. FILTH. 48 for Lewis. Can't hit the double 16. Somehow Webster can break from 81. BULLSEYE. YES. BINGO. BINGO BINGO BINGO. Early Break for Webster. He couldn't. He really couldn't.

J Lewis 4 (1) - 0 (1) D Webster What a come back against the darts from Lewis. Five perfect darts, and the sixth wasn't far away. Hit's 170 with Darts 7,8 and 9. 11 for an 11 darter. Not quite. He has to settle for a 12 darter. How disappointing. What a way to break back form Lewis though.

J Lewis 4 (2) - 0 (1) D Webster 13 180s now for Lewis. Again he hits 4 perfect darts to start a leg. Quite incredible this. Lewis then peppers the lipstick again, and will be going for 122 for the leg. He can't. He nearly did. Just misses bull. Webster can't check 161, and it's 25 for Lewis. DOUBLE 8. One. Leg. Away.

J Lewis 4 (2) - 0 (2) D Webster Darren Webster is zinging the darts at the board in anger it seems. Really ripping them in. It's as if he can't believe what's happening. Neither can I really. Anyway, he should win this leg, because Lewis has come a touch off the boil in this leg. Well by his standards he's a pub player in this leg. 68 from 9 darts for Webster. Tops in in. Deciding leg.

J Lewis 4 (2) - 0 (2) D Webster Lewis has the darts in the decider I should say. Maybe just hit the jitters a bit. 100 followed by a 45 from him. Webster is ahead after 6 darts.

OH. WHAT A TIME FOR A 180 JAMIE LEWIS. Crap leg is rescued by that. 81 from the semis. DOUBLE 12. ON. THE. WIRE. Shanghai 120 for Webster. HE'S IN. TOPS. MISSES. ON THE WIRE AGAIN. Double 6 for Lewis to go through. 1st is miles away. Second dart. BEAUTY. RIGHT IN. DEMOLITION. Jamie Lewis has beaten Darren Webster by five sets to nothing. FIVE. NIL. Taylor or Anderson await.

Crikey. I need a lie down in a dark room. Jamie Lewis was absolutely incredible there. In five sets he's had a dodgy leg and a half, and that was right at the end. He becomes the first prelim qualifier to reach the semi-finals so the TV tells me. What a fabulous run, and as I've said before, if he plays like that in the semis, he could easily beat Anderson on Taylor.