PDC World Darts Championships



Van den Bergh 0 (1) - 1 (2) Cross. Van den Bergh has 170 for the leg the. He probably has six at it with Cross on 158. First dart is in. Second one misses, but he's left 36 next time up. Cross from 158. DOUBLE 19 FOR IT. Just misses. A really good effort though. Van den Bergh needs Double 18. Gets Double 18. It's a break and he's away in this match.

Van den Bergh 0 (2) - 1 (2) Cross Good stuff from Van den Bergh. A set of three T19s followed by another couple of trebles. And then a great 92 finish. Went the outer bull route, and nailed it. Set 2 is into a decider. Cross with the darts.

Van den Bergh 0 (0) - 2 (0) Cross Good leg from Cross, and he'll be first at the doubles, but it's from 124. And Van den Bergh is sat on 87. BULLSEYE FOR 124. Miles away. Absolutely miles away from Cross. Van den Bergh needs BULL for 87. Also missed. 35 for Cross. It's Double 16. IT'S IN. Third dart is in, flying over the flight which was blocking the bed it seemed. Cross hangs on. 2-0.

Whisper is quietly, but could we see another 5-0. Cross nowhere near as dominant as Jamie Lewis earlier, but he's grinding out the legs, and is winning the 'moments', which is an absolutely horrible sporting phrase, which I loathe saying because it makes me look like a sporty snob. Van den Bergh by no means out of it, but you feel, in the pressure moments, Rob Cross is on it.

Van den Bergh 0 (0) - 2 (0) Cross Set 3 up and away then. Van den Bergh with the darts in this one, looking to get a foothold. Remember, first to 5 sets is into a semi final with Barney of MVG.

Van den Bergh 0 (1) - 2 (0) Cross Cross floundering, and Van den Bergh finding his form. Double 12 is on the wire, but he still has three darts at least from 12. Right on the wire, but in. 13 darter to get off in this set.

Van den Bergh 0 (1) - 2 (1) Cross Cross well ahead here on his through, and is sat on 129 with Van den Bergh back on 261. Very scrappy from both. Cross sets himself up for his favoured D16 and nails it first up. We're still on serve in Set 3.

Van den Bergh 0 (2) - 2 (1) Cross A 180 from Van den Bergh followed up by a 42 from Cross, and the hold from the Belgian looks favourite again. 3 darts from 16 it'll be after time for another set up is spared. D8 for the 13 darter. Easy. Still all holds here. Van den Bergh in the driving seat in Set 3 you'd say.

Van den Bergh 0 (2) - 2 (2) Cross Cross first at a finish but it's 170. First one is in, but the second doesn't follow. Van den Bergh can't finish 161, and so it's 72 for Cross. Throws single 1 to start. Big hash up. 96 for Van den Bergh for the set. He hashes it. Tops for Cross. Nope. D10. Yes. Cross eventually wins a disgusting leg. Decider. Van den Bergh with the darts.

Van den Bergh 1 (0) - 2 (0) Cross Cross first at a finish, but it's from 157. Tricky stuff. Not happening either, but he's well set if he comes back. Van den Bergh needs TOPS FOR SET THREE. YES. The 57 looks so so easy, and it's a big hold from the Belgium. GAME ON. 2-1 Cross leads, he has the throw in Set 4.