PDC World Darts Championships



Van den Bergh 4 (1) - 4 (2) Cross Van den Bergh HAS to break back. He needs 81. DOUBLE 12. Dragged. DOUBLE 6. OH. THE WIRE.

Van den Bergh 4 - 5 Cross And so Cross needs 50 to win it. DOUBLE SIXTEEN. MISSED. DOUBLE EIGHT. MISSED. Two match darts have gone away. Van den Bergh. DOUBLE SIX. HE'S MISSED ALL THREE. Two right on the wire. One bounces off the wire. Cross. DOUBLE 4. MISSED. 2 MISSED. DOUBLE ONE. HES GOT IT. HES THROUGH. ON BLOODY DOUBLE ONE. What a finish. ROB CROSS IS THROUGH. HE'S STUMBLED THROUGH.

Well absolutely bloody Nora hey. What a game. Van den Bergh has come from 4-1 to 4-4 and at that point looked most likely to win. Then, somehow, Rob Cross found just enough to stumble through the door. He missed 5 match darts before finally nailing the most beautiful Double 1 you've ever seen. He's into the semis to play Barney or MVG.

Right. I've got to go. I need a big lie down after that. Jamie Lewis destroyed Darren Webster 5-0, and he'll play Phil Taylor or Gary Anderson in the Semis. Then, Rob Cross has hung on, clung on, and got through. He's beaten Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-4, and plays either Michael van Gerwen or Raymond van Barneveld come the semis.

I've been @aidanleape. Thanks for being with us. From me, for now. BYE.