Michael Van Gerwen

Raymond Van Barneveld



Good evening everyone. What a night ahead. Two matches. Five sets. Four men. Twenty five world championships. It's quarter-final time at the PDC World Championship and the four biggest stars in darts are in action. Later we'll see Gary Anderson vs Phil Taylor but up first it's Michael van Gerwen vs Raymond van Barneveld. Hit the music

Right then, we're set to go live with TV coverage so the action is likely around 10-15 minutes away from beginning. Breakout star Rob Cross won a classic against Dmitri van den Bergh earlier to book his semi-final place. Who will he face? Michael van Gerwen vs Raymond van Barneveld on the way!

Hello everyone, Alistair Sargent here to keep you up to speed with the action tonight. It may be a dreich December Friday but the darts is about to catch fire and that will keep you warm. World number one, two time world champion and winner of everything else at a canter MVG vs the legendary, five time world champion Barney. These two always serve up a treat and tonight will be no different.

On this very day two years ago these two served up an absolute stonker in the last 16. Somehow Barney overcame an absolutely rampant MVG to triumph. If tonight is anywhere near as exciting we're in for a treat. My head says Michael van Gerwen, my heart says Barney. Either way, I hope live blogging of darts is the winner!

Some housekeeping. Tonight's game is best of 9 sets, so that is first to win 5 sets. Each set is best of 5 legs, or first to 3. During the action the score will appear like this during updates... (1) 1 - 0 (0). That is (sets) legs - legs (sets). All clear? Good. To the action!

MC John McDonald ready to go. Players are ready to walk. Are you ready? Loud Barney Army chants echo around the Ally Pally. Let's hope the usually utterly moronic world championship crowd, actually English darts crowds in general, stick to supporting the players and not songs about who has paid more for their ticket, two Ivorian footballers or other such drivel.

Four ladies with pom poms dance on the stage, another two wearing sponsorship sashes just stand there as two overweight chaps go to work. Careful now. Down with this sort of thing!

Anyway, off we go. Barney with the throw in set 1. He starts with two 100s.

MVG 1 - 0 RVB BREAK! MVG is first to a finish but never gets a shot at double from 104. Barney misses tops for a 101 to hold and MVG is back needing 16 and cleans it up on D4 with his final dart. Break of throw in 15 darts.

MVG 1 - 1 RVB Break back!! MVG just turned in to a pub player as he has wild darts at D16 then D8 to win the leg in 17 and 18 darts before Barney is able to pounce and land D8 to win the leg. Back on throw.