Michael Van Gerwen

Raymond Van Barneveld



MVG 2 - 1 RVB There are more breaks here than A and E on a Saturday evening! 12 darts for MVG, including the game's first 180, as he cleans up a nice 89 finish to break the Barney throw again. One away from the opening set.

MVG 2 - 2 RVB Come on now! Another break! Not a great leg that, Barney always in control of it and he takes out 64 on tops after the first dart, aimed for T16, inadvertently lands in T8. Goes to a decider.

MVG 3 - 2 RVB BREAK AND SET for MVG!! Barney will be kicking himself. Van Gerwen looked well placed in the leg but a brilliant 174 from Barney left 36, putting huge pressure on MVG's big three figure out shot. That pressure told and he failed to put a major dent in the score. Barney toes the oche withh 3 darts at his favourite double but misses outside then inside D18 before wiring D9.

Van Gerwen didn't need a second invite. 85 taken out in 2 darts. He takes the first set, against the throw. Michael van Gerwen 1 - 0 Raymond van Barneveld.

Sky Sports have just played a hype video advertising Michael van Gerwen vs Raymond van Barneveld. During Michael van Gerwen vs Raymond van Barneveld. MVG was ecstatic at the end of that opening set, and well he should be. Was really unlike himself in that set, so snatchy. Yet he won it. He has throw as we start the 2nd set.

18 darts without a three figure score. Then MVG rams in a 180. Form is temporary etc..

MVG (1) 1 - 0 (0) RVB Finally a hold of throw. But it might not have been. Barney with a dart at tops for a 118 checkout to break but it fell well short. 11, D16 for MVG next visit to hold.

MVG (1) 1 - 1 (0) RVB And another hold. But again it might not have been. 3 missed darts at double for Barney to hold and MVG gets a dart at D16 for a 102 but again it's miles away by his standard. Barney nervously returns needing 4 and finally lands D1 with his last dart. We're level in set 2.

MVG (1) 1 - 2 (0) RVB Break!! MVG really struggling. Barney misses 3 darts at D16 to break before MVG wires the bull for a punishing 161 checkout. Barney is back though and cleans up the D16 next visit. Throwing for the set now.

MVG (1) 1 - 3 (0) RVB And there's the set!! Barney lands the first ton plus checkout of the match to wrap up the set, against the throw, with a brilliant 121 finished on D14. Van Gerwen really struggling to find form. If Barney can step up a gear he could move out of sight. Van Gerwen 1 - 1 van Barneveld.