Jamie Lewis

Phil Taylor



First Set - Lewis 0:2 Taylor Taylor going big early here, hits the first 180, and although Lewis then gets one of his own, Taylor holds easily.

First Set - Lewis 1:2 Taylor Better leg from Lewis, still a bit of a knee trembler with only one dart left for d16, but gets on the board.

First Set - Lewis 2:2 Taylor Lewis warming up a bit, and there’s the break back! Wrestles the darts from Taylor and finishes d16 neatly. Back on throw.

First Set - Lewis 3:2 Taylor Great hold from Lewis, hits his second maximum. Doesn’t finish at the first time of asking, but Taylor way behind on 171, so Lewis comes back to tidy up d16. Players have a break, Lewis looking good.

Both players averaging a smidge over 100 in the set, 75% checkout stats for Lewis.

Second Set - Lewis 0:1 Taylor Taylor’s throw this set, and he holds on with a 79 checkout, d6 the final shot.

Second Set - Lewis 1:1 Taylor Chance for Taylor to break there, not far away from hitting bull for a 128, but Lewis back for 44 and hits d16 again for the leg - that’s been a friend to him so far this evening.

Second Set - Lewis 1:2 Taylor Taylor who hits the d16 this time to take the leg. Still only one maximum for him in the match.

Second Set - Lewis 2:2 Taylor Third 180 for Lewis, and then the fourth later on! He’s looking very comfortable now, can afford to miss d16 with Taylor way back.

Second Set - Lewis 2:3 Taylor Chances for Lewis! Had darts to take a two set lead, after having hit another maximum, but missed d13. Taylor needed 25, and needed all three at it, but we’re level at one set each.