Jamie Lewis

Phil Taylor



Fourth Set - Lewis 2:3 Taylor Lewis had one at d16 to steal the set, but it was outside and Taylor holds with a nervy d8, last dart in hand. Players off for a break.

Averages still very close, but Lewis only on a 30% checkout rate, compared with Taylor’s 46%.

Fifth Set - Lewis 0:1 Taylor Steady start to the set from both, all quite sedate. Lewis has the throw, but has a poor attempt at 89 and Taylor swoops in to take out 46 for the early break.

Fifth Set - Lewis 0:2 Taylor Chances for both players in the leg, it’s Taylor that hits d16 for the hold. Not been sparkling darts since the last break.

Fifth Set - Lewis 1:2 Taylor Hold for Lewis with d18, but Taylor has the darts in the next leg for the set...

Fifth Set - Lewis 1:3 Taylor Taylor very close to a 167 - just misses bull - but he’s back to tidy up the remaining 25, and he’s two sets away from another final appearence.

That was a break of set for Taylor, of course, so he’ll be throwing to move 5-1 up. Lewis is a few points below his tournament performance as regards average and checkout percentage, which may explain why it’s not quite going for him this evening. Well ahead in maximums though - 9 v 2.

Sixth Set - Lewis 1:0 Taylor Third maximum for Taylor, but a solid leg from Lewis sees him get the early break. Needed that.

Sixth Set - Lewis 1:1 Taylor Didn’t need that though - Taylor breaks straight back, setting up 53 with a 137. Average for this set currently at 110.

Sixth Set - Lewis 1:2 Taylor Lewis strikes back straight away himself, good leg, including his tenth maximum and a neat two dart 74 checkout.