Michael Van Gerwen

Rob Cross



Evening all! @Ugster1 with the second semi final of the PDC World Darts Championship, live from the Alexandra Palace (yes, I’m actually here in the lovely press room). It’s Michael van Gerwen v Rob Cross, battling for a place against Phil Taylor in Monday’s final.

If you missed the first semi, catch up at https://www.bytheminute.co/events/6726-darts-jamie-lewis-phil-taylor-will-phil-power-his-way-to-one-last-final-or-will-the-outsider-have-one-more-shock-up-his-sleeve-pdc-world-championship-semi-final-min-by-min-live-30-dec-2017. The score suggests Taylor made it through comfortably, but it wasn’t quite that easy.

A reminder re: the basics - the semis are the best of 11 sets (first to six), and as for prize money - semi losers get £85,000, the runner up gets £170,000 and the winner gets a record £400,000.

Another match where there’s quite a difference between the players as regards experience - van Gerwen no stranger to the stage, whereas this is the first world championship bash for Cross.

A reminder re: scores - the score at the top of the page will be updated with the set info. We’ll keep the leg score alongside the updates to make things quick.

Tournament stats for van Gerwen and Cross:

Cross will have the darts in the first set. Interesting little note from Taylor’s post match interview. When asked if he’d be happy to play van Gerwen as a fitting way to end his career, he said he’d have preferred Adrian Lewis or Barney! Rather dismissive of the MVG performance in the quarters too. Shots fired!

Match should be underway before too long. Time for a quick wander to the arena!

Quick visit to the arena confirms the volume has gone up somewhat - perhaps not unrelated to the amount of alcohol consumed...Just sat in on some of the Jamie Lewis interviews too, will update that after the first set - which is just underway.

First Set - van Gerwen 0:1 Cross Hold for Cross, not his neatest finish but was ahead of MVG, so had time.