Michael Van Gerwen

Rob Cross



First Set - van Gerwen 1:1 Cross Now it’s van Gerwen with the straightforward hold. Match averages looking healthy at this early stage.

First Set - van Gerwen 1:2 Cross Cross has van Gerwen a little closer behind him that time, but doesn’t seem to be bothered about the pressure as he hits the 76 checkout.

First Set - van Gerwen 2:2 Cross First maximum of the match goes to Cross, but it’s a van Gerwen hold - even though he needed 6 at d16.

First Set - van Gerwen 2:3 Cross First maximum from MVG comes at a perfect time, but he can’t back it up with a finish, and Cross holds throw to take a one set lead.

Averages in the set nearly identical - a tad over 103.

Lewis interview - both happy and a bit disappointed, obviously the money will make a difference to him, but he wants to win more in 2018! Thought the most interesting point was that he felt he ended up playing the man a bit, despite telling himself not to.

Second Set - van Gerwen 1:0 Cross Oh hello! Facing a break, van Gerwen takes out 116 like he does it on an hourly basis. Which he may do, I suppose.

Second Set - van Gerwen 2:0 Cross Should have been a hold for Cross, but couldn’t finish 25. MVG in for the 18 out and break.

Second Set - van Gerwen 2:1 Cross Break back for Cross, two 180s in the leg and he’s well ahead on that stat - 5 v 1. Takes out 81 on the bull too.

Second Set - van Gerwen 2:2 Cross Some heavy scoring looked to have given MVG the set, but he couldn’t take out the finish, and Cross ties things up with a hold.