Michael Van Gerwen

Rob Cross



Final Set - van Gerwen 1:0 Cross Cross with the throw, but MVG with a maximum. He sits on 84 with Cross on 170. He hits the two t20s, but then some way off the bull. MVG then finishes on tops, and there’s the break!

Final Set - van Gerwen 1:1 Cross Poor start from van Gerwen, but fires back with a 180. Needs 64 with Cross sitting on 52...no, misses d16. So does Cross, and so does MVG! Cross breaks back!

Final Set - van Gerwen 1:2 Cross This is brilliant from Cross, particularly when you consider how this is still all pretty new to him. He’s moved to within a leg of the final.

Final Set - van Gerwen 2:2 Cross Cross starts the leg well, but a couple of loose visits hand the initiative back to MVG. van Gerwen holds, and a reminder - winner needs to win by two clear legs. If we get to 5-5 - sudden death...

Final Set - van Gerwen 2:3 Cross Cross holds with d16, pressure will be on MVG every time he throws first now.

Final Set - van Gerwen 3:3 Cross Cross was nearly there! Had a dart at bull to finish the 90 out shot. Hit 25, MVG in for 36.

Final Set - van Gerwen 3:4 Cross Cross holds with d10 after setting up with a great 168. He’s one leg away again!

Final Set - van Gerwen 4:4 Cross Brilliant from MVG, hits 171 to set up 36. Sudden death looming...

Final Set - van Gerwen 5:4 Cross Some average stuff from both players there, they are neck and neck after 12 darts. Cross has the throw first, and can’t take the chance! MVG breaks with d12 to lead at the right time!

Final Set - van Gerwen 5:5 Cross Couple of poor visits from Cross put him behind the eight ball, does have a chance at 144 but he doesn’t get it. But MVG makes a mess of his finish, and it’s sudden death!