Michael Van Gerwen

Rob Cross



SUDDEN DEATH! Cross wins the throw for bull, so will start...

SUDDEN DEATH: After six - van Gerwen steals the throw...

SUDDEN DEATH: After 12 - Cross with slight advantage, needs 140...

SUDDEN DEATH: MVG misses, and Cross needs double 8...GETS IT!

Final Set - van Gerwen 5:6 Cross ROB CROSS BEATS MICHAEL VAN GERWEN 6-5! What a match! The debutant into the final against the most successful player ever! Did brilliantly in that match, never let MVG impose himself.

Final stats:

So, what are your plans for Monday evening? I suggest you make time for Phil Taylor v Rob Cross in the world darts final. Either way, it’ll be a fantastic story. 17 world titles and retirement, or a debut winner who wasn’t a professional 12 months ago...

If it’s half as good as that, we’re in for a classic. A word for van Gerwen - had his chances, but left them begging in a most un-MVG like way. He’ll be back, of course. As will we - back here on Monday evening for the final.

Given the lateness of the hour, I’ll wrap things up there. Hope you enjoyed it - join me again on Monday for the 2018 final! Until then, @Ugster1 signing off!