UFC 219: Cyborg vs Holm



Evening everyone! For the final time in 2017, I’m Jody Jamieson, and tonight, it’s UFC 219. A year ago today it was UFC 207, when Amanda Nunes famously smashed Ronda Rousey in under a minute. The women take centre stage again tonight, and here is your card.

Tim Elliott and Mark De La Rosa open the card. De La Rosa makes history tonight, as after his wife Montana De La Rosa made her UFC debut at the TUF Finale earlier this month, they become the first husband and wife fighters signed by UFC. Elliott was supposed to face Pietro Menga in Winnipeg a couple of weeks ago, but weight issues for Menga forced a cancellation and a quick rescheduling.

Here's my picks for posterity. Not many upsets for me, but I have gone for one in the opener...

Elliott is the first fighter tonight who was mentored by Robert Follis. Follis sadly passed away earlier this month much too early. RIP to one of the good guys in MMA.

Elliott vs. De La Rosa at bantamweight. Elliott closes as a moderate favourite at -225. Referee is Chris Tognoni. And the UFC 219 undercard is underway!

Elliott with an early takedown. De La Rosa grabs the neck but refuses to let go which allows Elliott to move into side control.

De La Rosa manages to pull full guard and then throw up an armbar attempts. Elliott defending quite well but not out of the woods yet. Elliott lifts and slams but his arm is still in peril.

Another slam. And this time he gets the arm free. Elliott takes the back with one hook in. Elliott allows a scramble and almost gives up top position, but ends up on top in half.

De La Rosa closes guard, but Elliott is controlling posture well and getting some good ground and pound in.

De La Rosa tries to slip out the back door but leaves his neck exposed. Elliott with a guillotine and rolls on top in the mount. Let’s go of the neck and gets some shots in. Elliott gambles too much and gives up top position briefly, but a solid round. 10-9 Elliott.