Rob Cross

Phil Taylor



Good evening everyone! Welcome to what is bound to be, one way or another, an historic evening of darts. It’s the PDC World Darts Championship final, and ByTheMinute, in the shape of @Ugster1, are live at the Alexandra Palace!

The one story that has permeated this whole championship will come to a conclusion tonight - will Phil Taylor’s last match before retirement see him clinch his 17th world title? Standing in his way is the debutant Rob Cross, who’s had a fantastic run to the final and will feel he can beat anyone after his magnificent performance against Michael van Gerwen in the semi final.

A reminder re: the basics - the final is best of 13 (first to seven in new money - you kids are spoiled these days, we used to have to do the maths ourselves), and as for prize money - the runner up gets £170,000 and the winner gets a record £400,000.

The tournament stats for each player are as follows:

Several of those stats would seem to favour Cross, but I’d draw your attention to the checkout percentages - could be key this evening.

A reminder re: scores - the score at the top of the page will be updated with the set info. We’ll keep the leg score alongside the updates to make things quick. Cross will have the throw in the first set.

Taylor has only dropped 5 sets on his way to the final, whereas Cross has lost 13 - although five of those were against MVG on Saturday.

One other stat that may be of interest - Cross has earned a smidge over £400,000 in prize money. Taylor will hit £8 million should his win tonight.

Obviously a huge difference in experience between these two, that may also be in Taylor’s favour tonight. Will be fascinating to see how Cross settles in - seemed fine on Saturday, whereas Jamie Lewis, who lost to Taylor in the semi, never seeemd to quite settle.

If you’re interested in our semi final reports, you can find the Taylor/Lewis report at