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And I think that’s as good a spot as any to wrap things up. The end of one superlative career, perhaps we’ve witnessed the early stages of another. Congratulations to Rob Cross, a worthy champion - will be interesting to see how he does in the Premier League, which starts on 1st Feb in Dublin. Hope you enjoyed an excellent world championship. Enjoy the rest of your week - @Ugster1 signing off!

Cross - more nice things to say about Phil Taylor (he’d have liked the 9 darter to go in), his focus is on trying to get to the world number one spot, and to try and win every competition he enters. Pleased for his friends who put some money on him before the tournament started - they owe him a drink!

And now the Cross conference - this comes after I was able to congratulate him in the loo!

And just announced, the Premier League lineup: MVG Anderson Wright Gurney Barney Mensur Cross Price Smith Whitlock Some surprises there, perhaps - no Lewis (Adrian or Jamie), and Whitlock in?


Terrible field had to put cross in for Lewis I reckon. Not bad for a night's work a grand per leg

Taylor doesn’t seem distraught at all, almost like he was looking forward to it being over. Notes how he’s enjoyed his career, met lots of nice people. More praise for Cross, thinks he and MVG will dominate for the next five years and may develop a rivalry to match him and Barney. Not quite sure of future plans, how much he’ll be involved with darts, etc - guess that’s the beauty of retirement!

Phil Taylor in the press room - I’ll go and listen in...

Taylor saying nice things about Cross too, notes that the big names (mentions MVG again) will have problems with Cross in the future. Says Cross reminded him of himself about 25 years ago. Doesn’t feel he has the interest or energy to compete with the other guys anymore.

Players interviewed on stage, Cross let Taylor lift the trophy, nice touch. He’s very gracious in victory, compliments Taylor as he’s done in previous interviews, wishes him a happy retirement!

The final stats:

Mike Barry

Cheers Matt. Thanks

Matt (@Ugster1)


Just a staggering performance from Cross, an average approaching 108 and 60% on the finishing. Looked in control from the very first set, there was never a moment that Taylor looked likely to win - particularly after that incredible fifth set.