Rob Cross

Phil Taylor



Second Set - Cross 2:0 Taylor Cross holds on with a 68 checkout. Looks very comfortable up there, average over 108 in this set.

Second Set - Cross 2:1 Taylor Second 180 of the match for Taylor, gets well ahead and leaves d20 with Cross not on a finish. Hits it to get on the board in the set.

Second Set - Cross 3:1 Taylor Cross doesn’t seem to know the meaning of nerves tonight! Taylor evens up the 180 count at 3, and would seem to be in with a chance to level the set with Cross on 167. You can guess what happens next, a cool 167 out for Cross, who takes a two set lead into the break.

Cross has a five point advantage on the averages so far, and twice as good a checkout percentage. And he has the darts in the third set too...

Third Set - Cross 1:0 Taylor Cross adds to his 180 tally, and then holds with d18. Taylor didn’t punish a couple of poor(ish) visits from Cross.

Third Set - Cross 2:0 Taylor Cross starts with five perfect, and steals the throw. Playing so well at the moment, 11 darter that time to break. He throws for a three set lead.

Third Set - Cross 3:0 Taylor Cross at it again! It had been a poor leg from him, but he found himself needing 153 to take the set - and he made it look easy. Dominating performance so far. Straight into the fourth set.

Fourth Set - Cross 0:1 Taylor Taylor still has something in the locker! Cross sitting on 28 after another maximum, Taylor needed 151, and took it out. Maybe that’ll get him going.

Fourth Set - Cross 0:2 Taylor Taylor looking better, although Cross very close to taking out a 127. Taylor break the throw, but of course it was his throw in this set anyway.

Fourth Set - Cross 0:3 Taylor Taylor gets on the board with a two dart 80. Was his throw anyway, but he averaged nearly 105 in that set, which is better than his match average so far. Players off for a break.

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