Rob Cross

Phil Taylor



Taylor has got his checkout percentage up to 50% now, but Cross sits at 64%. Still a five point lead in the averages to Cross (106 v 101).


Fifth Set - Cross 1:0 Taylor He gets to eight perfect! But then can’t hit d12. He then can’t hit it with three more, and Cross steams in to take out 83 to hold - that’s a kick in the teeth for Taylor.

Mike Barry

That is IT right there IMO. (Maybe!!)

Matt (@Ugster1)

At the moment, can’t see anything stopping Cross.

Fifth Set - Cross 2:0 Taylor Players trade 180s, but it’s Cross that gets the break. What a turnaround in a few darts. Cross average touches 125 for the set.

Fifth Set - Cross 3:0 Taylor Another maximum for Cross, Taylor can’t finish a 153 on d18, Cross back to finish things off, and he’s three sets up now.

Players are off for a break. Can’t praise Cross highly enough here, has looked superb. Taylor actually had the higher average in that set, but both players were over 115.

So, Taylor just needs to reel off six sets in a row to make my prediction a correct one. Ahem. Going to need a massive turnaround to stop Cross bringing this home now.

Sixth Set - Cross 1:0 Taylor Taylor needs to start his comeback by holding throw, but it’s Cross that hits a maximum and is first to a finish. Which, naturally, he hits. Stunning stuff.

Sixth Set - Cross 2:0 Taylor Cross miles ahead on his throw, now at 10 maximums and an average pushing 110.

Sixth Set - Cross 2:1 Taylor Five perfect from Taylor on throw, Cross never in the leg, and Taylor holds with a 123 checkout. Averages exactly 103 at the end of the leg, which is certainly respectable. Not good enough tonight though.

Harvey Waywell

Constant faux theatrics from Phil Taylor while he's getting pumped by a lad no one had heard of before Xmas ...Lovely stuff

Matt (@Ugster1)

No surprise there re: theatrics...