Rob Cross

Phil Taylor



Ninth Set - Cross 1:0 Taylor Cross holds through with d20, not much pressure on that from Taylor who was looking at a three digit out shot.

Ninth Set - Cross 2:0 Taylor Fat lady’s warming up. Some poor stuff from Taylor, a 177 from Cross. Cross leaves 50 after nine, Taylor nowhere - although he does get to come back and hit a maximum, Cross moves one leg away...


Last leg - it looked like Taylor was going to extend things just a little longer, with another maximum and some low scores from Cross - but Cross did have 140 left - two treble 18s and a double 16 later, and he’s the world champion.

Just a staggering performance from Cross, an average approaching 108 and 60% on the finishing. Looked in control from the very first set, there was never a moment that Taylor looked likely to win - particularly after that incredible fifth set.

The final stats:

Mike Barry

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Matt (@Ugster1)


Players interviewed on stage, Cross let Taylor lift the trophy, nice touch. He’s very gracious in victory, compliments Taylor as he’s done in previous interviews, wishes him a happy retirement!

Taylor saying nice things about Cross too, notes that the big names (mentions MVG again) will have problems with Cross in the future. Says Cross reminded him of himself about 25 years ago. Doesn’t feel he has the interest or energy to compete with the other guys anymore.

Phil Taylor in the press room - I’ll go and listen in...

Taylor doesn’t seem distraught at all, almost like he was looking forward to it being over. Notes how he’s enjoyed his career, met lots of nice people. More praise for Cross, thinks he and MVG will dominate for the next five years and may develop a rivalry to match him and Barney. Not quite sure of future plans, how much he’ll be involved with darts, etc - guess that’s the beauty of retirement!