Good evening and welcome to coverage of the 1st session of day 2 of the Sydney Test. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Good news is that the weather is a LOT better than yesterday and we will be starting on time. Less good news is that Australia will be buoyed by two wickets (Root and Bairstow) late yesterday. Can England's lower order stick in with Malan to build a good first innings score?

Moeen Ali and Dawid Malan come out to face the last two balls of the Josh Hazlewood over that wasn't completed last night.

ENG 234/5 (82) Moeen Ali starts with a single first ball as the Barmy Army start with Jerusalem as per normal.

ENG 234/5 (83) Mitchell Starc takes the second over of the day. Moeen Ali is able to block the over but doesn't look overly confident.

ENG 234/5 (84) Both Hazlewood and Starc are bowling full balls but the batsmen are keeping it out for the moment.

ENG 234/5 (85), Malan 55*, Ali 1* Moeen Ali ducks a short ball but does so well. The rest of the over is left alone.

ENG 236/5 (86) Malan is able to get a run away. Whilst this is slow going, I would rather they played sensibly rather play risky shots. Moeen Ali gets a shot away for a single to end the over.

ENG 239/5 (87) A more confident shot from Moeen Ali but again it is only a single. Oooh - glorious strike but almost caught in the slips. The next ball is a straight drive but well fielded to save two runs.

ENG 244/5 (88) Nathan Lyon in early... Moeen gets a single away. Malan plays a glorious shot away for the first boundary of the day. Not the best ball though. Last ball was excellent - Australia go up for an edge but nothing given and also no review.

WICKET! ENG 251/6 (88.4) The 250 comes up with a slightly streaky four from Moeen Ali after getting a two first ball of the over. A single follows. Malan then edges to Smith in the slips! What a catch from him one handed! Wow!