ENG 255/6 (89) New man in is Tom Curran. He starts with a streaky boundary.

ENG 256/6 (90), Curran 4*, Ali 12* Moeen Ali hands the strike to Curran. He blocks the over but is looking to come down to the spinner.

ENG 260/6 (91) The batsmen exchange singles. Moeen Ali is looking to be slightly more aggressive now which is probably the way to go considering he is the last recognised batsman.

ENG 262/6 (92) Curran uses his feet to Lyon but only gets a single for his effort. Moeen Ali follows suit. Wonderful ball but Curran digs it out.

ENG 262/6 (93) Moeen Ali plays out a Hazlewood maiden.

ENG 263/6 (94) They run a quick single when Curran gets a ball away. However Lyon is getting some turn on here already so maybe having two spinners will serve England well.

ENG 270/6 (95), Curran 14*, Ali 15* Glorious drive from Curran but the fielder doesn't allow it through. The next one does go for four though! And again... this time the fielder saves two runs. He ends the over with a single.

ENG 276/6 (96) Curran uses his feet and gets four off Lyon. He then is able to get another two off him.

ENG 284/6 (97) I find myself agreeing with Boycott (a rarity) when he says that Paine was a fantastic selection by Australia... but I am biased as I have been fan since he first played for Australia. However he has been good behind the stumps and batted reasonably well. Curran gets a yorker away in a rather ungainly fashion for a single. Down the ground from Moeen Ali. A boundary follows.

ENG 285/6 (98) Curran goes for a flat six and the fielder drops it! That should have been fairly easy!