ENG 287/6 (99) Pat Cummins comes into the attack. Another ball falls safe in the deep - this time off Moeen Ali. Curran gets one over the top of the close in fielders head.

ENG 288/6 (100), Curran 22*, Ali 25* Just the single from the Lyon over before the drinks break.

ENG 292/6 (101) Moeen Ali goes big to Cummins. It lands safe in the deep and they run two. Glorious drive from him but the fielder saves two runs.

ENG 294/6 (102) The batsmen amble through for a single off Lyon. Moeen Ali then sends one down the ground for another.

WICKET! ENG 294/7 (102.4) Moeen Ali is out to a short ball but at least he scored 30 before he did. Cummins gets him!

ENG 294/7 (103) Stuart Broad comes in to replace Moeen Ali. Oooh - almost a fantastic catch by the man under the helmet.

ENG 300/7 (104) Mitchell Marsh comes into the attack. Curran finds the gap from a short, wide ball. He then slaps a ball away for a single. Broad gets a bouncer and ALMOST edges behind. He then keeps one down for a single to bring up the 300.

ENG 310/7 (105), Curran 29*, Broad 10* Broad sends on into the air but it falls into a gap. Curran then backs away but sends the ball into the air as well for a single. Better shot from Broad this time and they can run two. Even the bowlers are giggling here... Broad ends the over with a six!

ENG 320/7 (106) Curran is in on the act with a four and is then hit by Marsh. They run a quick single. Broad goes high but it falls short of the fielder again. Curran pulls a ball to the boundary to end the over.

ENG 331/7 (107) Broad crashes a four through the onside. He edges but it falls short of the slips. The next ball gets sent into the Barmy Army for six!