ENG 334/7 (108) Curran goes for a crashing drive and it just hits Lyon in the shin/ankle. Ouch! He follows with a single.

WICKET! ENG 335/8 (108.4) Curran slaps one away and it falls short of the fielder in the deep. He then gets on into the hands of Bancroft but he scored 39 runs in just his second Test. Not bad for a bowler.

ENG 337/8 (109) Mason Crane comes out on debut. He is off the mark with a single.

ENG 339/8 (110), Crane 1*, Broad 28* Broad places a shot well - the ball only just evades the fielder though and they run two.

ENG 344/8 (111) Crane gets one past the close fielder for a single. Broad slaps one away for another. Boycott liking bowling the same ball at a batsmen to baseball... ummm, not sure about that? Just because they know what is coming (and I don't think they necessarily do), doesn't mean the batter can play it well.

WICEKT! ENG 346/9 (111.4) Broad goes down the ground but Warner chases it down and they can only run two. He then top edges one to Smith in the slips.

ENG 346/9 (112) Last man in is James Anderson.

RUN OUT? ENG 346/9 (112.2) Looks like Crane is run out.

WICKET! ENG 346 all out. Yep - Crane is run out by Bancroft. That's all from me today as that will be lunch. I (Mel - @MissMelanie_H) will be back tomorrow morning (or evening depending on your location). See you then.