Evening all. It's playoff time. 12 teams left alive in the NFL, with 2 places up for grabs at Superbowl LII in Minnesota

First up, it's the Wild card round. 5th seeded Tennessee Titans (9-7) and runners-up in the AFC South, travel to face the AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

Chiefs come in with a 4 game winning streak, whilst the Titans lost 3 of their last 4 games, needing a Week 17 win over Jacksonville to clinch their playoff spot

Chiefs have the more "traditional" offense, and an opportunistic, turnover hungry defense

Titans kick us off, Tyreek Hill opts to return it. Gets to th 18. Flag flies and it's against KC

1xt & 10 KC 8 Alex Smith drops back and looks to throw long for Hill.... he can't hold on

2nd & 10 Quick pass for Hill and a short gain, before he goes out of bounds

3rd & 6 KC 11 Smith finds Kelce for the first down. No pressure, finds the big TE easily

1st&10 KC 25 On the gound for the first time, Kareem Hunt up the middle for 6

2nd&4 Another hand off to Hunt, he's met in the back field for a loss of 2.