Hello - it's Day 4 of the final Ashes - yep, it's only two days to go until we can all pretend this series never happened!

A tiring day for England yesterday, Australia are still batting and will come out this Sunday morning on 479-4, a first innings lead of 133. The Marshes are still standing, Shaun Marsh resumes on 98, Khawaja was eventually stumped yesterday for 171, just one of two wickets that fell yesterday

I'll be sticking around until lunch, then I'll be doing my usual trick of disappearing to bed. Play starts in about 25 minutes, I'll be back in due course

Here we go then, it's very hot in Sydney. It's very cold in England. I wonder if there's somewhere where it's just nice. Ali bowls the first over of the day

HUNDRED for Shaun Marsh, and he gets it with a four. What a partnership he and his brother are putting on! 483-4

And the next ball, the last of the over, is also slapped away to the boundary. The outfield has sped up and eight runs to start the day. 487-4

England.starting with spin from both ends as Mason Crane will have a bowl. Mitch hits the second ball pretty sweetly, this could be painful for England. 491-4

A few full tosses here from Crane, another shot nearly cracks through the gaps. In the end, just the one boundary. A few cracks in the pitch, 491-4

A quieter over there off Ali, three runs. Apparently, it's very hot, but hasn't been mentioned that much... 494-4

I'm using the first names of the brothers Marsh as long as they stay together. If you don't like it, tough. Australia must be thinking when to declare, around lunch? Five off Crane there, just short of 500. 499-4