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Good afternoon! @beckyflashhart here with the honour to be kicking off the 2016 Six Nations with the mouth watering France v Italy

We are in Paris, it isn't raining and kick off is just over 20 minutes away. BRING IT ON

The French line up: 15-Medard, 14-Bonneval, 13- Fickou, 12- Danty, 11- Vakatawa, 10- Plisson, 9- Bezy, 1-Arous, 2-Guirado (c), 3-Slimani

4-Jeedrasiak, 5-Maestri, 6-Lairet, 7-Chouly, 8-Picamoles Replacements: Chat, Atonio, Poirot, Flanquart, Camara, Machenaud, Doussain, Mermoz

Italy: 15- Odiete, 14-Sarto, 13-Campagnara, 12-Garcia, 11-Bellini, 10-Canna, 9-Gori, 1-Lovotti, 2-Gega, 3- Cittadini, 4-Biagi, 5- Fuser

Italy: 6-Minto, 7-Zanni, 8- Parisse (C) Replacements: Giazzon, Zanusso, Castrogiovanni, Benado, Van Schalkwyk, Palazzani, Hamona, McLean

So plenty of new faces- but I guess the big question is how quickly can France recover from that demolition by NZ in last year's WC?

The Giuseppe Garibaldi trophy is at stake here. And slightly more importantly, a good start in a brutal tournament...

Italy are currently delaying things, having a man cuddle in the changing room. Fair enough. Let's be sadly honest- they need all the help...

Here comes Parisse. Italy have made it to the tunnel. And here comes a mean looking France, led by Guirado. Wow they really do look mean.