Jacksonville Jaguars

Buffalo Bills



It's Sunday, and Jacksonville, FL is packed full of what I'm reliably informed are drunk-as-all-hell upstate New Yorkers. Guess it's football time! I’m Charles Wheeler, and that’s right, after spending a frankly unsociable amount of time researching and covering the draft last April, I’m finally checking in to bring you an actual NFL game this season! But first, a brief trip through history…

January 8th, 2000. An [ALLEGED – Ed.] sex pest was in the White House and the Buffalo Bills were in the Playoffs. Fast forward 18 years, and we face the exact same[ARE YOU KIDDING ME, STOP IT, CUTTING NEXT 3 PARAGRAPHS – Ed.]

Ahem. Anyway. They made it. It took Andy Dalton and the Bengals, of all people, to sink the Baltimore Ravens a week ago and give Buffalo their first postseason action since it was socially acceptable to be a pro wrestling fan (trust me on that).

Bills fans, in their elation, took a break from slamming each other through burning tables (we’re developing a theme here), and responded to the salvage of their season with over $300,000 of donations to Dalton’s charity. The Bengals also received a mountain of chicken wings in thanks from US pro sport’s most playoff-starved team. And so here we are.

“Here” is Everbank Field, Jacksonville's home, which today hosts the game that breaks a combined 29 years of playoff drought between the sides – the Jags’ first postseason game since 2007 being slightly overshadowed by the Bills’ legendary drought.

The Jags, as AFC South Champs, are hosts and favourites… but they’ve lost an awful lot of winnable games recently. The Bills, in a wildcard slot, visit what one might consider unfamiliar warm climates… but they won in Miami last week. Folks, this one’s WAY closer than it looks.

So who you got? Do the Jags get pack on track and steamroll through to the Divisional Round? Do the Bills further delay an awkward discussion about Sean McDermott’s bed-wetting decision to bench Tyrod Taylor in week 11? Sound off in the comments with your picks and insights – there’s no better panel of experts than opinionated fans on the internet, as us BTM writers know very well!

Time for some team news. Here are the inactives for the Jags:

And here's who's sitting it out for Buffalo - crucially NOT including Running Back LeSean McCoy, whose presence in the game is one of the key factors if the Bills are to cause the upset.

For reference: if the Jags win today, they'll play the Steelers next week, sending the Tennessee Titans to New England. If the Bills grab the upset, they'll go to face Brady and co and the Titans will go to Pittsburgh.