Dancing on Ice



Good evening! Who's joining me for the return of Dancing on Ice? Apparently it's FOUR YEARS since the show was literally put on ice by ITV. Can't believe it! I'm Sue Revell (@makeyourbigleap) and, as a former fan, I'm hoping we are in for a treat. That said, I've been around long enough to know that not everything should be reprised!

Opening the evening we have Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby - our presenters for the series. Holly's back, having handed over to Christine Bleakly for three years before the show's previous demise.

Time to reveal the judging panel. Jason's back!!!! I rather like Jason myself - he knows his stuff and he demands perfection. Ashley Banjo, of Diversity and Got to Dance fame, joins the panel. And we have TWO head judges, previously the coaches to the series, none other than the wonderful Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

First up it's Antony Cotton - or Sean Tully from Coronation Street. His VT confirms he's really into the challenge and is highly competitive - he's here to be the best show off! Go Sean..... I mean, Antony!

HIs partner starts off splayed on a giant watermelon.... while Antony flirts with Jason at the bar.... Who doesn't love a bit of Club Tropicana?! Lots of smiles although looked rather knackered by the end! A starting score of 15.5: Jason 3 - Ashley 4 - Jayne 4.5 - Chris 4

Jason thinks Antony set the scene well but didn't get the story. Good energy and presence but lack of finish. Ashley thinks he's a good entertainer but has a long way to go. For Jayne - the feet need to catch up with the performance! Chris commends him on an action packed routine but needs to RIDE THE ICE! What more can an amateur like me add?!

Up next someone I don't know - Candice Brown who apparently won GBBO. Never seen her before but she gets to dance with Matt Evers who's been part of DOI since Day One! I definitely recognise him! So... an interesting challenge when you don't have a live performance background. Let's see how well Matt has prepared his protege!

A very sultry start to At Last. Lots of smiles and pouting, several lifts although looks a little stiff overall. What will the judges say? Not impressed with the new commentator..... doesn't have the same energy or presence and his lines are terrible! A starting score of 13: Jason 3 - Ashley 3.5 - Jayne 3.5 - Chris 3

Chris observes Candice 'clearly likes being lifted' but lots of frowns of concentration when she's actually on the ice. Looking for smoother crossovers. Jason starts on a positive - arms were elegant but turned into spatulas! Ashley - time to relax and let things flow! Jayne congratulates her on doing something completely foreign to her. Lots to work on there then!

Time for a second ad break. What do I think so far? The team and production are feeling as stilted as the celebrities! The commentary feels flat and I'm really missing Tony Gubba who sadly died during or shortly after the 2013 series. Brand new commentator this year - Matt Chapman, ITV racing presenter.