ByTheMinute NCAA

Good Evening, Good Morning or Good Night, depending whereabouts in the world you are. I'm Stephen Clark and tonight I will be providing you all with coverage of the biggest game in College Football as Alabama take on Georgia for the right to be called the National Champion.

Alabama are without a doubt the strongest team in College Football over the last four or five years, but there selection for the 4 team play-off was a controversial one. They didn't even make their conference championship, but were still selected by the panel of experts as the 4th ranked team in the country and then they saw off Clemson, the side that beat them to the title last year, in the semis

The team they face are from the same conference, the SEC, and won that Championship to earn their place in the Final Four. Georgia saw off Oklahoma in the semi-final after a double overtime thriller to earn their place and they haven't had far to come. Based in Athens they have travelled about an hour to Atlanta and the fantastic Mercedes Benz Stadium where tonights game is being played.

KIck Off is due at any moment, but as is the norm with American Sporting events, things don't always start on time, and we still have the National Anthem to come. President Trump is in the house tonight, so will anyone take a knee? Trump coming onto the field to a mixture of cheers and boos. He will probably be backing Georgia tonight after events in Alabama recently.

Here now is the Anthem performed by the Zac Brown Band. Not a group on my radar to be honest. 3 beardy blokes and a man in a jacket. Trump has his tiny hand over the place his heart should be.

It's a hard one to call this tonight. Bama have the pedigree, Georgia have the home field advantage and the better record over the year. The teams are entering the field, so settle in for a game, which if half as good as the last two years will be a classic.

I covered this game 2 years ago as Alabama beat Clemson 45-40 and it was genuinely one of the best things I've covered on here. Last year Clemson gained revenge with a last gasp win inspired by DeShaun Watson, now of the Houston Texans.

Here's the President of the United States proudly banging out the anthem he holds so dear to his heart.

Alabama have won the toss and have deferred. They will kick off as Georgia elect to receive.

A raucous atmosphere in Georgia. Imagine 80,000 students in one room and you will get an idea of the noise levels. Bama kick off and the Bulldogs will start on their own 25 yard line.