Manchester City

Bristol City



Howdy folks, I'm Howard Crossland. Join me tonight as we find out whether Man City can take a step closer to also running the shovel racket.

Thanks to for that image; do check it out as it's awesome.

Kick off in 5 minutes. Cue the er, Carabao jingle?!

What do you call this competition personally? Maybe you're a milk (man)? Or a Rumbelows woman?

And we're off! City of the Bristol variety get us underway.

Strong start from Man City, dominating possession as we tick off 5 minutes.

10 mins gone and not much to see here. Tonight's role of the puppetmaster is being played by Kevin de Bruyne.

16 mins. Bristol give us the first big moment of the game, as they break and force a good save from Bravo from the edge of the box. Showing they've come here to drink milk and kick ass...

23 mins. Good spell for Bristol, forcing a couple of corners and sensing they might be into something good.

Down t'other end, KDB tests Fielding with a stinging diagonal drive which is well tipped over.