Invicta FC 27: Kaufman vs Kianzad



Lookboonmee on the back again. Looking for the choke but defended quite well. Wang beautifully twists out of the choke attempt to take top position. Has about a minute to work with.

Couple of solid elbows for Wang on top. Very topsy turbo round. Moves to side control at the buzzer. I’ve got 10-9 Lookboonmee for the knee and the close finish. Really good round.

Round 2.

Wang trying to pressure with the jab again and gets straight into the clinch. Has an underhook but Lookboonmee uses a face wash to fight free.

Lookboonmee throws her first kick of the round and it’s caught again. Intoche clinch and Lookboonwee lands a big elbow on the break.

Lookboonmee with a takedown, but not interested in the ground and invites the standup.

Lookboonmee with a knee to the head as Wang is down. Referee calls time.

It’s super close. The vast majority of the impact on in the chest, but it may have caught the knee. Wang looks fine. No point deduction and we’re back underway.

Leg kick by Lookboonmee. Wang with some solid shots. Lookboonmee with another trip takedown. Her Muay Thai translating extremely well in this fight.

Lookboonmee has another body kick caught but uses the clinch to land hard knees to the body. Almost like the sequence is now part of the strategy. Wang able to eat the body shots and control the clinch, but eats a big elbow.