Pittsburgh Steelers

Jacksonsville Jaguars



Good evening everyone! The NFL playoffs continue with the Jaguars v the Steelers in Pittsburgh, the prize a trip to New England next week and a place in the AFC Championship game. @Ugster1 with you for it.

As second seed, the Steelers are coming off a bye week, they have home advantage and are a handy betting favourite. Jacksonville got past the Bills last week to secure their place here. And they’re the third seeds in the AFC.

Jacksonville’s strength, of course, is the defence , leading to the mildly irritating ‘Sacksonville’ tag. In week five, they intercepted Steelers QB Roethlisberger on five occasions on the way to a handsome 30-9 win. They’d love to get that kind of performance again.

That was an atypical Big Ben performance, of course, so you could argue it’ll be very unlikely to happen again!

On the other side, the mystery that is Blake Bortles...Capable of being a very good QB, but only one game at a time, it seems. Can he put a good performance together today? He’s certainly got the option to run himself too - rushed for 88 yards himself last week.

Just about to get going - I’m picking the Steelers by a couple of touchdowns. Pittsburgh with the kick off, and we’re underway. Jags bring it back to their 35 yard line.

Jags possession. 1st down - short gain, then Koyack with a big gain on second down, 21 yards. Into the Steelers half, then another passing play gets to the Steeler 27...

And now a first and goal for the Jags...

Third and goal for Jacksonville after a run from Fournette. Great drive by Jacksonville to start the game...

On third down, Bortles has to throw it away. So what do they do on fourth down from the two...they go for it!