Pittsburgh Steelers

Jacksonsville Jaguars



We’re back, decent kick off return from Smith-Schuster. Biggest news though - looks like Fournette will be returning in this quarter.

Short third down for the Steelers on their first drive of the half. Fake, shovel pass to McDonald - first down, still in their own half.

Short pass to Bell, who takes it out of bounds - but is then pushed by Ramsey late, and that’s a 15 yard penalty - although it seems that Smith-Schuster may have pushed Ramsey into Bell. Anyway, into the Jaguars half.

McDonald seeing a lot of the ball now, and Roethlisberger finds him for 15 yards. Now on the Jacksonville 32. Another first down as James breaks a weak tackle, just staying in bounds.

Loss on second down after the attempted Bell run. Third and nine now - back to the air, Roethlisberger to Bell - TOUCHDOWN STEELERS!

Great catch by Bell, was under huge pressure from Smith but, despite a juggle, comes down in control of the ball, and with the extra point, they’re within seven. Just the drive they needed to start the half.

So, how can the Steelers defend the first Jags possession of the half, and will we see Fournette? Answer to the second question is yes - he’s involved in the first play after the kick off return.

Bortles drops the snap, leading to a third and eight for the Jags...And Bortles shows one of his positive traits, runs for the first down, directing Yeldon to make an important block.

Jags now facing another third and eight after a short gain and an incomplete pass. This time Bortles passes, incomplete try to Lewis. Jags punt, Steelers will start on their own 20 with a smidge over six minutes left in the quarter.

Roethlisberger finds Rogers again for a short gain. Had lots of time to make that play too.