New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings



Saints come out firing and hit Murray for a 5 yard loss on 1st down. However on 2nd down Keenum dumps it off to Murray and he somehow gets down the sideline to the marker and get the first down.

Keenum rolls out to the right and fires a pass on the run for another 9 yard pick up. Murray is hit at the line of scrimmage on 2nd down and Minnesota still need a yard for the first down. Full Back CJ Hamm gets a rare carry and he gets what is needed to move the chains.

Keenum to Diggs for 7 yards on first down and it appears the Saints still have no answers to this Minnesota offence. They do force another 3rd down though and Keenum rolls to the right and hits Rudolph at the line of gain for another 1st down.

Latavius Murray with another 7 yards and all of a sudden the Vikings are at the New Orleans 30 . Murray loses a yard on 2nd down and the Saints force another 3rd down. They need to make a stop here though if they are to have any chance at all in this game. And they finally get to Keenum to complete the sack and force the Vikings to punt the ball away

New Orleans take over at the 20 yard line as the Vikings special teams just fail to keep the ball out of the end zone. 7 minutes chewed off the clock though. Minnesota won't be to unhappy with that last possession NEW ORLEANS 0 MINNESOTA 17 (8:07 Q3)

Alvin Kamara with the carry on 1st down and he gets five yards. Brees to Thomas over the middle on 2nd down for his 3rd catch of the game and a first down.

Brees to Ginn for 9 yards. Minnesota defence definitely in bend don't break mode. Ingram on 2nd & 1 looks a little short of the first down and that's what the zebras think as well. Another 3rd & short situation after the chains come on for a measurement Brees on the keeper gets the inch or so required.

Kamara takes the hand off on 1st down and gains three yards. Brees on 2nd down dances around the pocket before firing over the middle to Thomas for 23 yards and New Orleans are up to the Vikings 30 yard line

Kamara ducks under a tackle on 1st down for a 5 yard gain. My eyes and fingers are crying out for sleep as Kamara sweeps around the right edge for a short gain. Brees finds Willy Snead who makes a great catch touching his toed for the 1st down.

Brees incomplete on 3rd down which is good for Minnesota. Not so good is the injury that Sendejo appears to have received as he goes down after the play and stays down.