Roger Federer
6 6 7

Jan-Lennard Struff
4 4 6



Hello and welcome one and all to more BTM coverage of The Australian Open! Ewan here to report the match minute by minute! Today we have the infamous Roger Federer playing world number 55, Jan-Lennard Struff in one of the last 2nd round matches. We all know about Federer so let's take a look at his opponent.

World Number 55 Jan-Lennard Struff is a Right-Handed player from Germany, who has been around for a while now. At 27 years of age he turned pro 8 years ago and has been playing grand slams for the past 5 years. He's never got past the Second Round in any Grand Slam and to do it today he’ll have to play some of the best tennis he has ever played.

In terms of how they match against one another, they have played together once before in Halle, where Federer won in straight sets. Also, looking at the picture on the ATP website, it seems Struff’s had to go to the photo shoot with a cold. Not really the best picture the ATP could have given him for his profile...

Warm up over, it's almost time to play, who's your money on? Can Federer take an easy path into the third round or will there be a huge upset? Whoever wins this will play gasquet in the third round

Struff serves and with a slightly off return Federer hits it out 15-0 30-15 Slightly long shot from Federer 40-15 Struff comes to the net, Federer tries a lob but Struf smashes it wide. 40-30 Struff manages to hold his first game. 0*-1

Stuff hits the ball long and it's 15-0 Inside out, cross court forehand that couldn't be returned by Struff 15-15 Inside out, forehand, down the line winner from Federer. 40-15 Federer goes for a classic slice from the baseline but it hits the net. 40-30 Both players at the net, Struff hits it to the far side but Federer only just hits it back. Game 1-1*

Another bad shot into the net from Federer. 30-0 Slightly low backhand shot from Stuff, hitting the net. 30-15 Struff makes a gap perfect for a winner but he hits it too hard from the net and it goes long. 30-30 30-40 Break Point. Federer returns serve with a shot into the net. Deuce Cross Court backhand shot is fast enough to catch Federer off guard and wins the point. Game Struff 1*-2

Cross Court Forehand winner from Federer. 15-0 Fast shot from Federer catches Struff off guard, he returns long. 30-0 40-0 Backhand cross court winner and Federer wins to love. 2-2*

Not the start to the game needed from Struff, into the net. 0-15 Forehand winner from the net from Struff. He needed that. 15-15 Bit nervous I think and Struff hits it slightly long. 15-30 30-30 Slice from the net but it doesn't go over. 30-40 Forehand Down the Line winner from Federer and it's a break! 3*-2

backhand into the net, not quite enough from Struff. 15-0 Struff returns the Serve long, 30-0 40-0 Game to love, easy from Federer. 4-2*