Judd Trump

Shaun Murphy



Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the third quarter-final between Judd Trump and Shaun Murphy. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) and finger crossed this will be closer than the two yesterday.

Judd Trump beat Liang Wenbo 6-4 and Shaun Murphy was the conqueror of Ali Carter by the same scoreline. The head to head between them stands at 8-4 in favour of Trump but Murphy has won the Masters before whereas Trump has only got to the semi-finals in the past.

Rob Walker is ready to get the boys on the baize. Shaun Murphy first and then Judd Trump. The referee is Jan Verhaas.

JT 0 - 0 SM (0-0) Murphy has the honour of breaking off in this best of 11 frame match (i.e. first to 6).

JT 6 - 0 SM (0-0) The frame starts with some good safety as neither player is being left any good opening chances. Murphy makes the first mistake when he kisses the black. Trump has an easy starter and is on the blue.

JT 35 - 0 SM (0-0) He goes into the pack when potting the loose one and they split well. He uses the blue to get back to the business end of the table. The black is moved back on to it's spot early on to help on the positional side of things.

JT 49 - 0 SM (0-0) A positional shot goes wrong and he is snookered on his next red. Good containing safety but there is a possible long red. Murphy decides it is too risky.

JT 53 - 0 SM (0-0) Murphy's safety shot goes in and out of baulk but nothing on for Trump. He plays a better safety though. Murphy catches the next too thick but Trump misses the long red he is left. He is lucky not to leave anything. Trump goes on the attack but leaves Murphy a chance when he misses. He pots a red to right centre but goes in off.

JT 54 - 1 SM (0-0) Trump didn't have anything obvious on so plays a good safety. The reds are all being moved to the bottom cushion. Murphy sinks a long red and is on the pink or black. He goes for the black to open the reds and misses it. Trump has a red over the pocket.

JT 0 - 0 SM (1-0) He pots frame ball red and the blue to make doubly sure of the frame. He clears to the pink to take the first frame.