Novak Djokovic
6 6 6

Albert Ramos-Vinolas
2 3 3



Goooood morning everyone, except Novak, who'll be pleased he got an evening session ;) (Sorry, I'll see myself out later)

I am Anna, and I'll be taking you through all the action in this third round encounter between Novak Djokovic and Albert Ramos-Vinolas. We were supposed to be getting underway right about now, but players are just walking on to court after the epic battle between Hyeon Chung and Sascha Zverev!

At the same time, Hannah will be bringing you coverage of Kerber v Sharapova, which you can find right here;

Ramos wins the toss of the coin, and elects to receive.

If this match starts anything like the Djokovic-Monfils match, it'll be a bit of a disaster, but I don't think anyone in that one wanted to hold serve! We'll see though!

I do wish Andre would wear a sunhat. Andre, if you're reading, please protect that head.

Djokovic to serve though, off we go. Starting off with a good rally, ending in Ramos sending a backhand into the net; 15-0. Nice first serve; 30-0. Djokovic sending a backhand into the net this time; 30-15. Oooh, Ramos unleashing on the forehand there, but it's in the net; 40-15. Djokovic gets the hold thanks to a nice forehand down the line.

A lovely rally to start off the Ramos service game, wherein my coverage cut out. NICE. Djokovic takes the point with a dropshot, though; 0-15. Ohhh dear, Ramos firing long on the forehand; 0-30. Annnd another one, bringing up THREE BREAK POINTS.

Djokovic firing wide, possibly thanks to the net; 15-40. The Djokovic backhand lands in the bottom of the net; 30-40. Annnd another; DEUCE.

GREAT rally by Ramos there, drawing the error from Djokovic; ADV Ramos. Goodness me, a great first serve is followed by a terrible forehand into the net; DEUCE.