Grigor Dimitrov
7 7 4 7

Nick Kyrgios
6 6 6 6



Well, well, well... We've all been waiting a long time for Grigor Dimitrov & Nick Kyrgios to come good, and here they are, finally doing it at the same time.

There's no doubt now about Dimitrov, ending 2017 on a real high at the ATP Finals and currently #3 in the world. Or is there? So many injuries to top players with Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic, Cilic and others all missing a huge part of last year, so how would Grigor have fared had they been there? I reckon reasonably well.

Nick Kyrgios? I've personally not witnessed such ability, not even from the greats, but there has been so much missing from the package, notably focus. On and off court. Not now though eh?

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

The $64,000,000 question.......

Any sensible prediction would favour Dimitrov in this match up, but the odds, and the pundits are pushing in Kyrgios' favour. Can he handle the pressure? Let's see. Whatever happens, this is box office, so settle down and enjoy.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

Oh Lord, when did I start making sensible predictions?!

I'm @grahamterris by the way, and I'll be covering the first 2 sets. Then Sue (@TheMissionMaven) will take over until the end. And in case you missed it, Kyle Edmund has just won a great 4 setter against Andreas Seppi, here's @hannakin__'s match report:

Grigor wins the toss and will serve, five minutes warm up then we'll be off.

This time last year I was reporting on Kyrgios v Seppi and Nick won the first two sets, then lost. So Kyrgios. We play...

Kyrgios nets to give Dimitrov 1st point, and there's no let up as Grigor plays Nick all over the court to open up a forehand winner, then an ace... ...then a double. Kyrgios takes to the net to win the next then unwinds his forehand for deuce.

Grigor finds his first serve, then another double, then a service winner and Kyrgios nets a 2nd serve - first game to Dimitrov. Not a clear win though.

Brutal serving from Kyrgios but a careless forehand at the net gives Dimitrov a look at 15-15. That's all he gets though, Kyrgios looking formidable.