Denisa Allertova
3 0

Elina Svitolina
6 6



Hello one and all to a slightly less swearing filled match of yet more Tennis! If your confused about me mentioning swearing, read our report of the popcorn match of today by Sue and Graham (still snowing) here: But on to this match, it's Svitolina seed 4 from Ukraine v Allertova of Czechia.

I'm Ewan here to bring you the whole match, live! So sit back, get a snack, some covfefe and let's enjoy some tennis. This winner of this match will face Mertens of Belgium in the Quarters.

As it's about to turn Midnight in Melbourne, the final match is only now beginning. Who will win it and how hard will it be? I'm thinking Svitolina in straight sets.

Svitolina starts with a forehand winner. 0-15 15-15 Forehand goes long from Allertova. 15-30 ACE! 30-30 Forehand goes wide from Allertova and it's Break Point already! Back to Deuce Elina takes another Break Point! But her backhand goes wide. Deuce Denisa goes to the net and Elina uses brute forces to get it past and in. BP Svitolina BREAKS! 0-1*

Forehand into the net from Allertova. 15-0 Denisa returns with a forehand slightly long, forced by great placement from Svitolina. 30-0 30-15 30-30 Into the net from Elina! Break Back Point! Denisa Breaks Back! Outstanding stuff! 1*-1

Ace. 15-0 Forehand from Allertova is slightly long. 15-15 After a small rally yet another unforced error from Denisa who hits a forehand right in the net. 15-30 Allertova couldn't get to the ball in time giving Svitolina 2 Break points! Elina goes for an inside-out backhand winner however it goes slightly wide due to an odd body position when attempting it. Deuce

Forehand in the net when returning serve. ADV Allertova. Another unforced error, Denisa's shot going long. Deuce ADV Allertova Long again from Denisa! Deuce Both are hitting unforced error after unforced error! ADV Denisa Finally the streak breaks and it's Game Allertova!

Drama already in this match! How long will this match last? 0-15 Forehand in the net from Denisa. 15-15 Allertova returns serve long. 30-15 Svitolina goes for a forehand down the line winner while Allertova cannot get there due to the previous shot, however it's wide. 30-30 Game Svitolina. 2*-2

Cross Court Backhand winner from Allertova. 15-0 15-15 Long from Denisa. 15-30 Svitolina goes for a backhand down the line shot but it's wide. 30-30 30-40! BP

Denisa's shot bounces on the net and somehow does a kinda drop shot winning the point. Deuce ADV Svitolina Long from Elina again. Deuce Double Fault! BP Allertova goes for a forehand winner from the net but she gets over excited and it goes long! SVITOLINA BREAKS! 2-3*