Hello folks, It's AFC Championship time, the New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars. This matchup has all the making of a cracker

Theres two things to watch today, will the Jaguars top defence be able to stop this ruthless Patriots Offence and will Blake Bortles be able to get his Jaguars offense rolling

In my opinion, if the Jaguars take the lead like they did in Pittsburgh by 10+ points then it will be extremely difficult for the Patriots to fight their way back

The Jags D needs to get to Brady, he's a shadow of his normal self when he's under severe pressure and being hit, if Brady has time in the pocket, with all his offensive weapons, he will pick the Jags apart

National Anthem time, the coin toss coming up straight after

Tom Brady comes in with a hand injury today, having collided with Rex Burkhead in practice this week, The Patriots will receive the kick off and we're ready to get underway

The conditions are good, no wind and 9C, there were worries if it was too cold it would affect Brady's hand but he seems fine as he comes out, the kickoff going out the back of the end zone

1st and 10- Brady finds Dion Lewis immediately on a short pass and he picks up 5 2nd and 5- Brady in the shotgun, over the right side and its a big one to Brandin Cooks, into Jags territory at the 39

1st and 10- Brady feels the pressure, manages to escape the pocket and picks up a yard with his legs 2nd and 9- Burkhead into the game and he gets the handoff on a reverse end around, good tackling from the Jags, pick up of 5 3rd and 3- Brady finds Hogan out wide but he's immediately tackled by Ramsey short go the line, Patriots offense is staying on the field though

4th and 2- seems as though Brady and Belichik were trying to catch them offside and he calls for a time out, still hasn't gone off the field and it looks like they're still going for it. brady lofts it to Amendola and its inch perfect, gain of 21 and the Patriots pick up the first down and into the redzone