3rd and 18- Brady at his best, steps across in the pocket and finds Amendola over the middle and he makes a good catch as he takes a hit 1st and 10- Fleakflicker time, Brady has so much time as he gets the ball back, its a lovely floated pass and Dorsett makes a fantastic catch for 31 yards, the Patriots are driving again

1st and 10- Brady is under pressure, gets the ball out but just too far from Amendola who cant make a diving grab 2nd and 10- Fantastic catch from Amendola, on an out route and has to grab a fast ball well above his head, 14 yard gain and inside the 10

1st and Goal- TD PATRIOTS!!!!!! Get in Boys, Brady finds Amendola across the middle and he's got enough space to dive into the end zone, Gostkowski adds the extra point, GAME ON!!!!! PATRIOTS 17-20 JAGUARS

The kickoff is fielded at the goalline and the coverage is fantastic, who else, Matthew Slater at the 15 and Gillette is rocking!!

1st and 10- handoff to Fournette, 2 defenders get to him and he picks up just a yard 2nd and 9- Bortles dials up a pass and gets it out across the middle to Hurns for 20 and a big first down, the Patriots coverage over the middle has been awful today

1st and 10- Fournette gets the ball again but once again doesn't have any room and is dropped for a gain of a yard 2nd and 9- Bortles goes deep for Westbrook, Gilmore always had the step on him and its lucky it was overthrown or it may have been picked 3rd and 9- Bortles has to step up in the pocket, he looks for Lewis and its incomplete, he had a man open downfield 4th and 9- Nortmans punt is taken at the 18 and a fair catch is called by Amendola and here comes Brady

1st and 10- Brady going immediately deep to Cooks, Ramsey with him and theres a clear hand on the neck of Cooks, massive Pass interference call and the Patriots are into Jags territory 1st and 10- Brady floats one for White but he couldn't quite locate the ball and it falls incomplete 2nd and 10- The Jags get pressure on Brady for the first time in quite a while and the ball is incomplete

3rd and 10- Brady goes for James White and a good play by Telvin Smith knocks it loose, superb stop by the Jags D 4th and 10- Allens punt is taken at the 10 yard line and a fair catch is called

1st and 10- sticking to habit and handing off to Fournette on first down, stopped at the line 2nd and 10- Bortles has a Hurns with a little space but Eric Rowe makes a great play and gets a hand in to knock it away 3rd and 10- The linemen get to Bortles and its Flowers who wraps him up but he just manages to get the ball out, the Patriots will have excellent field position

4th and 10- the punt is really poor, Amendola fields it at the 50 and takes it back 20 yards to the Jags 30, superb position for Brady and already in FG range