Goooood evening! ITS THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! It’s Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles for the chance to go to superbowl 52!! New England patriots have just booked there place at Super Bowl 52!!

Kick off is just 7 minutes away! We will have the anthem shortly!

I’m James Leahy and I’ll be taking you through the action, with a lot of beer!

National anthem time.

Lincoln Financial Field is absolutely rocking!! The eagle has flown, will it be flying in a few hours time?

The guys in the sky studio are going for a Minnesota win!

AWAY WE GOOOOO! Philadelphia get us underway, Minnesota opt for a touchback and Minnesota will start their first attack on their 25 yard line!

3rd and 2- McKinnon spins around the first defender and just gets enough for a Minnesota first down.

Another first down for the Vikings!

Minnesota get to mid-field. 2nd & 6.