FIRST DOWN! Keenum with a pass to Thielnem who gets the first down! 40 yards out. 1st & 10.

Yet another first down for Vikings, McKinnon again with a good play. 30 yards out. 1st &10.

McKinnon gains 4 yards for the Vikings. 26 yards out. 2nd &6.

TOUCHDOWN MINNESOTAAAAAA! WHAT A START! Wow! Keenum with a brilliant throw Rudolph with the catch!

Extra point is GOOD! Minnesota first drive ends with a touchdown! Superb start!! Vikings 7-0 Eagles

That was an awful first defence play for Philadelphia, got nowhere near to stopping any of the Vikings plays. Let’s see how they do on their opening drive!

Philadelphia take a knee and will start their first drive on their 25 yard line.

FIRST DOWN! Foulds with a pass for a first down, will give him confidence!

SOOO CLOSE! Foulds down field... Smith nearly gathers 10 yards out! That would have been ridiculous!! 2nd & 10.

2nd & 10- Pass to Nelson who is brought down, 3rd and 4 for the Eagles.