Raw: 25th Anniversary



Manhattan Center. Dong.

Taker is here! And it's a kinda old school Taker. Not even dark for his entrance! And he made it to the ring in good time as well.

A brilliant shot of Undertaker standing in the original Raw ring, in the venue of the first episode, 25 years later.

He's got his hood up and in full leather garb, but he looks in decent enough shape. Promo now about his opponents through the years. Sorry Brock and Roman, no shout outs for you boys.

"On this sacred ground, for all those that have fallen, it is truly time for them to rest... in.... peace." Looks like just a cameo appearance from Taker as his music plays. And we're moving swiftly on to Reigns vs Miz. Hummm.

That's that then, a simple promo from the Undertaker, no interference, no angle, just a show-your-face moment. Thanks for stopping by. See you at #30 in the Rumble and we'll say no more.

Backstage and the APA are in town! Playing cards with an unexpected visitor... the Million Dollar Man! Shoehorning these legends in, but I'm not complaining.

A parade now of Raw General Managers.... alright then. Laurinaitis, shit GM, red suit though, nice. Regal! Bow down to the king. I'M BAAACK! It's Eric Bischoff!

Daniel Bryan out now and the YES chant is huge, but it's interrupted by The Miz...

Nice staredown, and so ends the parade. Now it's Reigns vs Miz for the IC title. Turn Reigns heel ffs...