Raw: 25th Anniversary



The actual wrestling seems a sideshow to everything else this evening, but this should be a good match. The Progress boys tell it like it is though:

Ads in this match too. Time for tea. PG Tipski. Welcome new Twitter readers. Enjoying it so far? Where have you been? And where are you tuning in from?

Sit-out powerbomb from Reigns gets booed the hell out of. Miz with all the crowd backing as he kicks out at 2. Can't see a title change happening here personally.

Miz kicks out of Superman Punch. Miztourage gets ejected, distracts Reigns who walks into a Skull Crushing Finale! 2.8!

Miz runs Reigns into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits another SCF for the 3! New IC champion, what do I know about wrestling?!! Miz is champ for the 8th time.

Still to come tonight. Strowman, Kane and Lesnar all under one roof (it's called ToysRUs) and a DX reunion.

Selling a stunner maketh the man, and Shane is brilliant at it. Check out this a blinder of a shot:

Jeff Hardy and MVP join the APA party backstage. In the ring, Christian, and it's the return of The Peep Show!

All the action in the Barclays Center tonight, those in the Manhattan Center have had the Taker promo and that's about it! Rollins and Jordan the guests for Christiaaan.

Vanilla Jordan heeling it up by trying to be extra nice. Here comes The Bar. Bit of a scuffle and Rollins does the inadvertent take out of his own partner. Kinda meh.