Raw: 25th Anniversary



The Nature Boy is here, backstage with Alexa and Charlotte. Looking in great shape! Wooooo!

APA party in full swing backstage. Meanwhile, here's Bray... in the Manhattan Center. JR on commentary. Already getting him over.

His opponent is Woken Matt Hardy, back in the original ring with the red, white and blue stripes. JR discussing the mystery over Sister Abigail and it sounds meaningful again already. Genius.

Bray wins with the Sister Abigail. Not much of a match.

Greatest female Superstars parade now. Kelly Kelly is back. And the lovely Lilian. Jacqueline. Torrie Wilson, looking great!

And the biggest pop, of course, for Trish Stratus!

Apparently fans in Manhattan Center are getting a little rowdy, and understandably so - they've had the Taker promo which led to nothing, and Hardy vs Wyatt. The rest of the time they've had 205 Live house show matches.

An hour or so to go and this has been a nice nod-to-the-past sort of show without really being massively memorable (apart from the opening segment, which is classic already). However, backstage again, and Elias runs into Jericho! AND YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

Elias with a song now. I imagine he might get interrupted by someone in a second... he's in a very Rock Concert sort of pose. It couldn't be, it wouldn't be, it won't be, will it. Nah.

Jimmy Fallon is shown front row, this segment could be interesting all of a sudden. Lame song so far though. Someone's got to interrupt.