Raw: 25th Anniversary



CENA, EL INTERRUPTOR. Elias scarpers. Typical Cena promo, few little cheeky jibes, smarm. Challenges Elias a la you want some. Feel like someone else might come out too...

Nope, it's the five moves of doom. Well, four of them, as Elias low blows out of the FU. And smashes his guitar over Cena's back! Oooof!

More APA shenanigans, Slater and Rhyno are heading to the ring for a fight by the looks of it. Which team are they about to become finisher fodder for?

Aha, the Godfather appears! Pimpin' aint easy folks! And he's married now!

Hmm, Slater & Rhyno vs O'Neill & Crews. Not even worth tweeting about.

Enjoying the backstage skits. But a fairly average Raw apart from the opening segments. Looks to be DX in the main event.

AHA! I said there would be finisher fodder! The Dudleys are here! Heath is going to be pulling splinters out of his ass for weeks.

Hard to find tables that break this easily, you know. Heath takes a pretty nasty looking 3D through the table! He actually looked wooden on the fall.

AJ Styles has arrived with his own interviewer.... Mean Gene! "Well let me tell you somethin' Mean Gene...". HAHA. Styles channels the Hulkster. Brilliant.

Next up, DX.